Friday, March 30, 2012

Why Website Security is Important for your Online Success

Website Security is a major issue on the internet these days as the number of hackers and malware has increased dramatically. Many websites or blogs get targeted every day by hacker groups or individuals, jeopardizing their confidential information or databases. 

It is very likely that a website  infected with malware will end up on the Google Blacklist or banned by other search engine providers, meaning that your website will no longer be listed. This has a dramatic negative effect on your ranking and visitor traffic. Moreover, cleaning up the malware on your website and getting removed from the Google blacklist can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

A web security service, such as WebsiteDefender, is what you need to keep your website free from malware and safe from hacker attacks. WebsiteDefender is an easy to use online security service that monitors your website for hacker activity, detects malware and vulnerabilities within your website and gives you clear instructions on how to fix detected issues.  WebsiteDefender also provides specialized security checks for WordPress, such as examining installed plugins and themes to see whether they have any security vulnerabilities so you can remove them before any damage can be done.

Another feature provided by WebsiteDefender is that it will notify you if your website files have been changed – any file changes you have not made yourself can be an indication of hacker activity. You can view a full report which highlights any changes in your files, being able to directly compare them with previous versions.  WebsiteDefender security features offer you peace of mind that your website or blog is secured while you  focus on providing quality content and services to your customers.

Sign up for your WebsiteDefender account today to ensure your visitors and customers are safe and that they keep coming back.

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